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About the School


At Frank P. Brown Elementary, our mission is to provide students with educational

opportunities in order to reach a high level of academic achievement as determined by the state and the national standards. 




We envision that Brown Elementary students will be given the opportunity to

demonstrate creativity, challenge their own capabilities, appreciate individual

differences, and become lifelong learners. Teachers and students will be held

accountable to high standards, not only academically, but in conduct as well. The

community, BES staff, parents, and students will work collaboratively to maintain a safe

and positive learning environment.




We believe:

● That ALL students can learn.

● Students' learning needs should be the main focus of all decisions that affect the


● Students should not only show knowledge of skills, but also be able to solve

problems and produce quality work.

● Students be able to apply learning to real world situations.

● Each student learns in a different way and they should be provided with

appropriate instruction, assessment, and evaluation.

● School decisions/policies should be developed with input from all stakeholders.